How to dress for a photography session

Your clothing choices are an important part of making your pictures amazing! To keep it simple, I have categorized useful tips to make the process painless and enjoyable.


  • Include accessories, such as a scarf.
  • Layer clothing (harder in the summer).
  • Wear clothing with bold patterns. 
  • Mix patterns. It's okay to have plaid and stripes in a group portrait. 
  • Revert to simple. A timeless look, such as a white dress with a simple bow or a baby in just a plain diaper cover will give an elegant classic look.
  • If desired, bring subtle props such as flowers or a quilt. 
  • Check out my Pinterest page for clothing recommendations.


  • Make choosing your outfit  stressful. DO seek help from trusted friends and family. 
  • Wear clothes with logos, graphics, characters, labels, etc.
  • Cut your hair less than a week from the shoot (ladies).
  • Match everyone in the same color.
  • Hide your personality. Do be expressive! 
  • Ignore shoes when creating your attire.

Color Tips

  • Coordinate, don't match. It is more appealing to see many colors within a palette than the same color repeated many times. The days of everyone wearing all white, black or khaki are over. 

  • Avoid fluorescents. They tend to cast colors on faces, necks and hair. They’re harsh sometimes. 

  • Start with versions of primary colors. For example: Yellow-->mustard, red-->maroon brick, and blue-->navy, royal. 

  • During the fall, neutral earthy tones such as green, brown and gray work well.

  • In the spring or summer, vibrant colors will really 'pop'. 

  • Bright white clothing can create strong highlights which will draw attention away from your face, or create a reflection. Stick with softer off-white hues such as cream or 'bone' white.


  • I recommend that you check out this article written by a specialist. Makeup for photography is different than everyday use. I can arrange professional makeup and hair for your portrait. 
  • Excess makeup will actually make editing more difficult. 
  • Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets will help with bright highlights that may appear from oily skin. 

Tricks of the Trade

  • To makes things manageable, start with your most favored outfit or article of clothing and go from there. Most group portraits can handle 2-3 main colors themes with an accent color.
  • Cruise Pinterest for inspiration.
  • Darker colors tend to have a slimming effect. 
  • Don't be opposed to walking into GAP and asking for help. It's never a bad idea to bring a trusted friend to put a second set of eyes on your wardrobe choices.
  • Long sleeves and pants are much safer than their shorter counterparts.
  • Google wind speed and humidity before leaving for the shoot. You may need to re-assess your hairstyle.