FAQs and Disclosures

1. Why did you start this blog?

Tim Kyle Photography began in May 2010 as a way to share insights without repeatedly lecturing Sarah Louis’s photo class. While it may have failed in that regard, it successfully transformed how the photography community approached light.

2. Can I use your material on my site?

You may quote small portions (one or two paragraphs) with a link to the original post, provided your content is related to the quoted article.

3. What about translations to other languages?

Human translations have proven challenging, but machine translations are available in the blog’s dropdown menu. While sometimes clunky, it generally serves its purpose.

4. I would like to license one of your photos. How can I reach you?

Reach out via Twitter, as the personal email link has been removed due to the site’s extensive readership. Editorial re-use rates start at $250, and unauthorized usage may result in after-the-fact offers or legal action.

5. Do you have any financial disclosures?

Opinions on this blog are not for sale, and advertisers are aware they have no control over editorial content. Affiliate links, occasionally used in posts or tweets, yield a small commission, supporting the site at no extra cost to the reader.

Financial collaborations with companies involve fair exchanges, such as photography for gear or collaborative meetings. No quid pro quo exists; the collaborations stem from a genuine love for the companies, their products, and shared values.